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Claudia Turcaz Makes Waves in Real Estate Industry with Undying Passion for Homeownership

Claudia Turcaz has spent over two decades in an industry she has loved since day one. The real estate industry has always given her a sense of purpose knowing that her contributions are crucial in helping people achieve their dreams. In addition, she was also a residential marketing rep for Chicago Title for over 18 years before migrating her career into loan origination.

Claudia Turcaz shared that she has ridden different turfs throughout her long and meaningful career. In order to survive such a ride, she said that one should always keep an open mind and make sure to identify what it is that spurs passion.

“I believe that what makes you successful is to find something that you love to do and then offer it to others,” Claudia Turcaz said. “Sustainable homeownership is something I have always been passionate about, and now I get to be a part of the American dream and assist in homeownership through the loan qualification process.”

Claudia Turcaz has been instrumental in ensuring that people are provided with the means to achieve what they need, be it a new home, a property sale, or financial freedom.

“My goal is to get clients pre-approved and position them as a strong and qualified buyer when it comes to making an offer. I specialize in all residential home purchases, first-time home buyers, down payment assistance programs, condos, jumbo loans, investment, and more,” said Claudia Turcaz. With much competence up her sleeves, Claudia truly stops at nothing to ensure that all her clients are matched with the best properties suited for their lifestyles. In addition, she is always enthusiastically giving her all for her clients, a trait that’s hard to find in today’s heavily congested industry.

Asked what she has learned so far working in the real estate industry so far in 24 years, Claudia Turcaz shared that it’s all about being open and eager to accept new challenges. The real estate industry is rapidly changing, and one ought to be strong enough to keep up with its tides. Yet, despite the changes the industry has faced, Claudia remained professional, providing clients with exceptional service and commitment. She believes that her clients are not just passing through her life but are there for life, and Claudia always works under that premise to remind herself just how crucial her services are.

Currently, Claudia Turcaz is acting as the Branch Manager for Direct Mortgage Funding, a company that represents her ideals and moral philosophies as a real estate professional. “I am fortunate to have found a company to work for that allows me to provide exceptional and timely service,” she said. With this, Claudia shares how essential it is for one to find an organization that upholds those same values as one would do. Working in the real estate industry can be an immense pressure at times. Yet, it can definitely be the most rewarding, especially if the success was made possible with like-minded individuals who also want nothing but the best for their clients.

Her can-do attitude, expertise, and undeniable commitment to her clients make Claudia Turcaz a force to reckon with.

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