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From Los Angeles to the World - HBB's Musical Journey in the Epicenter of Dreams, Beats, and Bass

HBB is a standout DJ and producer, continuously pushing the frontiers of musical creativity. The name "HBB," originating from the Arabic term "Habibi" meaning "my love" or "my dear," mirrors his multicultural upbringing in Iraq and formative years in Africa and the US. 

HBB's exceptional ability to attract crowds and light up dance floors is clear to see reflected by the blend of emotion and groove in his tunes, which delivers a remarkable musical experience for music lovers alike. 

Photo Credit: Alexey One Love

When HBB moved to the United States in 2009 to attend the University of Southern California to further his studies in civil engineering, he carried a lot of musical inspiration with him. He hadn't realized he had a natural knack for creating songs that would stick in your memory until he borrowed a friend's mixer in 2016. HBB started playing around with rhythms and atmosphere after being influenced by the unique performances of musicians like Solomun, little realizing that they were laying the groundwork for an incredible musical adventure. 


HBB stands out in the DJing world for his refusal to follow genre conventions. His performances are energetic musical journeys that skillfully combine tracks from progressive, minimal/tech, and organic genres. Although the majority of his early releases were in the minimal and tech house genres, HBB has big intentions to incorporate his Middle Eastern background into the organic house scene. This move is expected to introduce a new cultural viewpoint to the international dance music market by 2024.  

From Los Angeles to the World: HBB's dreams - beats - bass

HBB's capacity to establish a deep connection with his audience is what really makes him stand out. Every concert turns into a participatory event in which the crowd is a key player in creating the musical story. HBB's concerts are elevated to new heights through collaborations with live musicians, such as drummers and violinists, who provide his audience an immersive and unique experience. The publication of four original tunes under various labels in 2023 marked a turning point in HBB's career.   Inclusion of "I Set Your Funk" and "The Handsomest Drowned Man" in Strictly Selected, the release of "How I Knew" through Strictly Records, and the unveiling of "Don't Walk Away" under the HBB Records label collectively thrust HBB into the global spotlight. This showcased his versatility and mastery across various settings, spanning from festival stages like Lightning in a Bottle and Sunset 2 Sunrise in 2022 to immersive desert gatherings. 

HBB has some fascinating projects in the works that should not be missed. His newest project, a two-track organic EP that explores the sounds of his early influences, is scheduled to be released in 2024. Partnerships with Los Angeles based musicians and a historic New Year's Eve performance that serves as Jimi Jules' opening act confirm HBB's status as a rising star in the dance music industry. He promises to have a long-lasting influence on the worldwide electronic music scene with his commitment to pushing musical limits and investigating the intersections of culture through sound.  

The EP “I Set Your Funk” simply draws listeners in with its lively drum rhythms and funky basslines, giving them a glimpse into the musical world and personal character of the artist. HBB revealed a link to a short story from his high school years in a recent interview when discussing the inspiration behind "The Handsomest Drowned Man," one of the tunes. The song features funky vocals that are taken from the audiobook's narrator, giving the song a unique and mysterious feel.  The track "I Set Your Funk," introduces HBB's developing sound. "The most crucial thing for a DJ to do is to exchange energy with the audience, and identifying their funk or vibe which is a responsibility that should be enjoyed and carefully considered" says HBB. 

Photo Credit: Alexey One Love 

The excitement among fans for HBB's next releases and live appearances keeps growing as they savor the "I Set Your Funk" EP. One thing is clear: HBB will undoubtedly make a fascinating and culturally rich addition to the constantly changing field of electronic soundscapes as the tale of their musical journey unfolds. 


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