Interview with Bricia Smith, a mortgage loan officer with Direct Mortgage Funding - Town Square Las Vegas Bricia Smith is originally from Los Angeles, CA. She moved to Las Vegas in 1999, and been living in this city for 22 years now.

Bricia Smith as been in the real estate industry since 2000. She was working in Title and Escrow for 20 years, and therefore after, she started in January 2021 working in the mortgage industry with her Branch Manager, Claudia Venegas Turcaz, at Direct Mortgage Funding - Town Square Las Vegas.

Bricia Smith is bilingual, some of her clients are Spanish speaking. She likes to have a variation of business and her main clients and connections are from prior contacts she was already servicing while she was in title and escrow.

Dealing directly with the consumers and helping them achieve their financial goals is what motivated Bricia Smith to join Direct Mortgage Funding team and family.

Below are some tips on what NOT TO DO in case your priority is to buy a home:

- Don’t buy a new car - Don’t max out your credit cards - Don’t finance new furniture’s - Don’t change jobs - Don’t co-sign for another loan

Feel free to reach out to Bricia Smith at (702) 461-0947 should you have any questions