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Oleavanti - A Tradition of Excellence in Olive Oil 


The rich soils of Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast are the origin of Oleavanti, a name in the olive oil industry connected with elegance and excellence. With a five-generation, Oleavanti represents a singular fusion of innovation and tradition in the creation of the world's most aromatic olive oils. 

Oleavanti was founded in 2017 by Carol Saadé, a Ph.D. food scientist and native of Lebanon, and Tony Gualtieri, a mathematician from a family of winemakers. During Tony’s first visit to Lebanon, he was struck by the unique profile of the extra-virgin olive oil produced there. The occasion gave Carol the motivation to bring her family's olive oil to the American market with encouragement from Karen Rose of City Olive in Chicago. Chef Perry Hendrix of Chicago's Avec Restaurant also helped Oleavanti start its prosperous American voyage. 


Relocating to Redondo Beach in California, Tony's hometown, Oleavanti adjusted to the pandemic's changing global landscape while providing fine olive oil to esteemed Southern California eateries including Bavel, Saffy’s, Chef Melba's Bistro, and Nomad. Along with the two types of extra-virgin olive oil, pine nuts, za'atar, pomegranate molasses, and raw honey are among the premium products that the team brings to their consumers from their yearly trsip to Lebanon, where Carol oversees the olive harvest and pressing.  

Oleavanti , A Tradition of Excellence in Olive Oil, their philosophy is centered on a dedication to luxury, authenticity, and sustainability. They create olive oil that is unparalleled in taste and quality by fusing traditional Phoenician ways of grove management with contemporary production processes. Their emphasis on establishing enduring and sustainable partnerships with artisanal producers serves as evidence of this devotion. Carol has partnered with growers to improve the pressing and harvesting methods of indigenous olive varieties in the northern part of Lebanon. 


Oleavanti's oils have a special profile due to these unique olive varieties found in Lebanon. They are genetically similar to the original olive, which was domesticated over 10,000 years ago from a wild bush that grows in the region. Their oils have won prizes at the International Olive Oil Competition in Italy, garnering recognition on a global scale. Oleavanti is primarily appealing to foodies, younger people who are keen to learn new techniques and flavors, and connoisseurs of the food and culture of the eastern Mediterranean. 


Under the direction of the family Patriarch, Nakhlé Saadé, the Oleavanti team combines innovation and heritage. Nakhlé, whose family has been growing olive trees in Lebanon for more than five centuries, is joined by his daughter Marie, the company's designer, and son Boutros, who handles operations and sales along with Carol. The team's depth of knowledge is enhanced by Boutros's education in olive oil production at a school in Spain.  

In order to overcome obstacles like the decrease in the world's supply of olive oil and rising costs, Oleavanti is concentrating on growing its online sales, particularly by holding informative tastings throughout California. The introduction of Club Oleavanti, which provides semi-annual delivery of their primary items along with other perks, is a step toward expanding their clientele and raising brand recognition.  


Oleavanti's narrative combines innovation, heritage, and a steadfast commitment to quality. Their family's olive oil has a rich tradition and a luxury flavor that they continue to convey, from the ancient olive trees of Lebanon to the thriving culinary scene of Southern California. With every bottle of their finest olive oil, Oleavanti urges its consumers to discover the mystery and romance of the eastern Mediterranean. You may browse and buy their products on the Oleavanti website. 




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