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Yasmine Azaiez: A Musical Odyssey from Tunis to Los Angeles

Few musicians can claim a journey as remarkable as Yasmine Azaiez’s in the world of music. This violinist, composer and singer, who is of Tunisian-Indian descent and was born in Britain has mesmerized audiences all over the world with her unmatched talent and love of the violin. Yasmine, who is currently a resident of the exciting city of Los Angeles, California, has had a truly extraordinary musical journey.

Yasmine Azaiez: A Musical Odyssey from Tunis to Los Angeles

Yasmine fell in love with the violin when she was just four years old. Mentors and music lovers alike soon noticed her natural musical talent and dedication. Yasmine was given the golden ticket at the age of eight to the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey, England. She developed her skills, under the guidance of seasoned teachers, laying the groundwork for a promising career.

Yasmine stepped onto the magnificent stage right away. She started her career as a performer at the age of eleven, mesmerizing audiences with her melodic skill. The turning point occurred when she won second place at the prestigious “Young Musician of the Year Competition” in Sevenoaks, Great Britain, at the age of seventeen. Yasmine Azaiez received praise from the esteemed panel of judges, which was made up of professors from London’s Royal College of Music, for her exceptional talent, unwavering professionalism, and commanding stage presence. A star was in the making, that much was obvious.

Apart from being an artist, Yasmine also runs the Yasmine Azaiez Animal Rescue with her mom, where they’ve rescued more than 300 dogs and cats from severe abuse and abandonment. Yasmine’s journey was meant to go beyond national boundaries. She started a new chapter at the age of eighteen when she moved to the United States and was accepted into the prestigious New England Conservatory in Boston, Massachusetts. She was added to the honor roll in 2010 after the Conservatory Dean recognized her exceptional commitment.

Yasmine’s talent knew no bounds, and she soon found herself competing in the Global Youth Violin Competition in Sydney that same year as one of the nine finalists, representing Africa and the Middle East. Her performances served as a testament to her commitment, and she made an enduring impression on the world stage.

Yasmine Azaiez stands out for her versatility. She performs jazz, world music, and classical music, and she has performed in prestigious venues all over the world. Yasmine’s music has been performed everywhere from the renowned Royal Albert Hall in the UK to the cutting-edge Bimhuis in Amsterdam, from the Cultural Center in Beijing to the opulence of the Cairo Royal Opera House in Egypt, at the age of 16 with Naseer Shamma.

Her name has also graced the stages of Jordan Hall in Boston, USA, and the Oman Royal Opera House, among many others.

Yasmine Azaiez: A Musical Odyssey from Tunis to Los Angeles

The influence of Yasmine Azaiez extends beyond her performances. Along with former students from the Yehudi Menuhin School and the Guildhall School of Music in the UK, she organized the first significant violin competition in Tunisia in 2019. This program, which was supported by the British Council and independent Tunisian businesses, was created to encourage young people in Tunisia to pursue their musical interests. Along with cash awards, the competition provided the first-place winner with the opportunity to perform onstage with Yasmine in front of more than 500 audience members at the “La Goulette Festival” and to learn important lessons.

Yasmine founded the ‘Yasmine Azaiez Academy’ in Tunisia in 2016, further demonstrating her dedication to fostering young talent. She carefully selected a group of talented students for this setting, enhancing their musical interpretations and technical abilities while drawing motivation from her own training at the Yehudi Menuhin School and the New England Conservatory. This program is crucial for encouraging young musicians’ aspirations to perform as soloists and members of orchestras both domestically and abroad. Yasmine goal was to prepare these upcoming artists to take part in her future performances and act as advocates for progress in Tunisia’s music education system.

Throughout her musical journey, Yasmine has not only released numerous solo albums and singles but has also forged collaborations with a diverse range of artists. She joined forces with the renowned Tunisian rapper Samara for their song “Ya Salam.” Additionally, she partnered with Petebox, a highly celebrated beatboxer who’s set to shine on the VOICE UK this month. Last but not least, she shares the stage with Cory Pesaturo, an internationally acclaimed accordion player with two performances at the White House under his belt and a Guinness World Record to his name. Together, they continue to tour across the globe, showcasing their musical talents to audiences everywhere.

Looking ahead, Yasmine Azaiez will likely continue to enthrall audiences with her musical talent. Her journey from Tunisia to Los Angeles continues to inspire and resound with music lovers around the world, and her upcoming performance that’s taking place on September 15th, at the Corazón Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California, where Yasmine will be performing her project African Jasmine, which is a unique blend between north African and Jazz music. Besides Los Angeles, mark your calendar for October 7th, 2023 as Yasmine has a special performance scheduled in Paris, France. She’ll be presenting her project “African Jasmine” at L’Olympia, a world-famous concert venue, as part of the event known as “A Night In Tunisia.”

To learn more about Yasmine Azaiez, check out her Wikipedia , Instagram and YouTube Page.


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