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Byblos Mediterranean Grill, A Premier Lebanese Restaurant Located in The Heart of Anaheim Hills

Introducing Byblos Mediterranean Grill, a premier Lebanese restaurant located in the heart of Anaheim Hills, Orange County, California. Their mission is simple but powerful: They want every person who walks through their doors to feel truly special and at home.

Byblos Mediterranean Grill, A Premier Lebanese in The Heart of Anaheim

When you order their authentic homemade Lebanese fast food, they want you to experience a sense of ownership and belonging, as if you are stepping into your very own restaurant. At Byblos Mediterranean Grill, they believe in treating their guests like family, not just customers.

Their main goal is to ensure your absolute satisfaction. They are dedicated to reaching every home and family in Orange County that appreciates the vibrant flavors of fresh Lebanese cuisine. Byblos Mediterranean Grill is committed to providing you with an unforgettable dining experience, right in your neighborhood. From the moment you take your first bite, they want you to feel that they have your cravings for authentic Lebanese food covered.

Come, be a part of their family, and let them create a memorable dining experience that resonates with you long after your visit.


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