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Rozy Yan: Remember 1915 - A Purpose Driven Artist Set to Spread Awareness

Rozy Yan: A Purpose-Driven Artist Set to Spread Awareness About Her Country’s Cultural Roots and Dark History through her new song “Remember 1915” Beyond serving as an accompaniment to one’s darkest days, music’s value is immeasurable. It is not only a form of self-expression but is also an effective medium that people can wield to provoke thought, inspire action, build connections, and foster solidarity. Fully cognizant of the impact of music is up-and-coming artist Rozy Yan whose passion for the craft rests on a passion-driven purpose that is larger than life.

Rozy Yan is an emerging artist from Armenia who is widely recognized not only for her soulful voice but also for her distinctive artistry and impressive discography. Since the inception of her promising career, Rozy Yan has always had an incredible affinity towards beats, rhythm, and music. She would often create music that spoke volumes of her unparalleled talents and deep-seated love for the craft. However, Rozy is unlike any other ordinary artist. While others highlight their craft as a medium for self-expression, this multifaceted artist focuses on music’s ability to send powerful messages across the world. As someone who is passionate about her country, this Armenian native aims to shed some light through her empowering tracks.

Born in Armenia, Rozy Yan has been a witness to the beauty of her country. Her father is a born Armenian. At age 9, Rozy Yan migrated to Pasadena, California, with her family. Since the time her mother migrated from Greece, the rising artist has seen Armenia come to life, enabling it to remain close to her heart. But underneath the affluence of Armenian culture lies a history that many natives find perplexing and disturbing. “The Armenian Genocide must be recognized and accepted,” shared Rozy. “Innocent lives were taken, and our culture was left to rot. I want the world to know that Armenians will continue to create light amid the darkness,” she added.

Through her conscious and diligent efforts, Rozy Yan is making significant strides through the power of her songs. “I have a story to share with the world,” shared Rozy Yan. “Thus, my next project will be about who I am and where I am from,” she added.

This April 24, 2022, Rozy Yan invites every Armenian and empath to a solidarity march that will be held on Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood. “The purpose of the march is to remember all the Armenians who were killed during the Armenian Genocide,” shared the artist. Her upcoming song will be played during the event. “It will touch everyone’s hearts,” Rozy said.

From a seed containing a passion for sharing the truth about her country, Rozy Yan has now evolved into an emerging artist committed to the mission of standing as a beacon of hope for Armenians across the world. In the coming years, she plans to impact more lives and catalyze change one track at a time. You can listen to her new song “Remember 1915” on Apple Music.

To learn more about Rozy Yan, check out her Website, subscribe to her YouTube Page and follow her on Instagram. You can read the full article on New York Weekly


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