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Kristin Kirui-Case Testimonial to Out And About Business Solutions - Educating Your Money Podcast

Kristin Kirui-Case is the Founder & CEO at Mattnik Bookkeeping Servcies.

She's also the Host of Educating Your Money Podcast which been sponsored and supported by Out And About Business Solutions...

Kristin founded Educating Your Money Podcast in 2020 where she hosts a new episode every Monday on different social media platforms.

The Mission of the show is to educate current or prospective business owners on a variety of topics and answer the questions that keep them up at night, so they can make the appropriate business decisions for themselves.

The Target audience of the show is any Startup or Small Business Owner and Self-Employed Individual.

The goal is to provide small business owners and self-employed individuals with a central location to get the answers to their business questions.

The Vision is For small business owners and self-employed individuals to walk away from each episode feeling intellectually fed with wisdom from the guests, so they can create a better plan for their business's future.


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