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Exciting News from Pilates Instructor Lily Angel!

Hi there, lovely people! Your favorite Pilates instructor, Lily Angel, has some exciting news! She is overjoyed to inform that the sunshine state of Florida is now home to her Pilates classes!

Exciting News from Pilates Instructor Lily Angel!

Lily is available to add a little magic to your Pilates exercises, whether you're in Orlando, Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, or the surrounding areas.

Lily Angel's goal is to inspire people who want to improve themselves from the inside out. She does this by using efficient and effective Pilates exercises to assist people contour their bodies and improve their general health.

Lily Angel's main services/workout programs include:

  • Full Body Pilates: A mild yet efficient workout that targets and fortifies your body's main muscle groups.

  • Banging Pilates (Abs): Strict Pilates exercises created especially to target and fortify the abdominal muscles, assisting you in developing a firm and toned abdomen.

  • Pump Butt Pilates: Exercise regimens created especially to tone and sculpt your buttocks.

  • Sexy Back Pilates: Exercises designed to build and tone your back muscles, giving your upper body a more defined and appealing appearance.

  • Lean Leg Pilates: Exercise regimens targeted at developing toned, slim legs 

  • Pilates exercises called Arm Sculpting target the biceps, triceps, and shoulders in particular to help you tone and strengthen your arm muscles.

So, if you’re ready to experience the best Pilates workouts, reach out to Lily Angel Pilates Workouts!


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